Heather McMahan to Debut Stand-Up Special on Netflix

Heather McMahan to Debut Stand-Up Special on Netflix

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Comedian and host of the popular Podcast, Absolutely Not, Heather McMahan is set to release her first stand-up special on Netflix. Titled “Son I Never Had,” the hourlong show is based on her critically acclaimed The Farewell Tour, which consisted of 94 dates throughout North America in 2021 and 2022.

In her special, McMahan draws inspiration from her own personal life, sharing both her hardships and lighter experiences. She touches on universal themes such as grief, body image, and childhood memories, providing relatable and humorous content for her audience. McMahan’s comedy offers an introductory version of her life story to new audiences, while also including Easter eggs for her longtime fans and listeners.

After studying performing arts at the University of Mississippi, McMahan honed her skills at UCB Los Angeles and spent years perfecting her stand-up comedy in both LA and New York. Her podcast, which she launched in 2019, became a lifeline to listeners during the challenging times of lockdown, gaining her a significant following on Instagram where she documented her day-to-day life and performed sketches.

Prior to her stand-up special, McMahan also worked on developing a pilot based on her life for Peacock. Although the streamer passed on the project, this experience motivated her to take matters into her own hands. McMahan self-taped and produced her own special under her production banner, Absolutely Not Productions, before presenting it to various networks.

The special is written McMahan herself and directed her close friend and creative partner, Jen Zaborowski. Executive producers of the show include Maggie Haskins and Chris Ketner.

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Definitions: stand-up special – a televised or recorded performance a comedian performing their own material on stage; podcast – a digital audio or video series that can be streamed or downloaded users for entertainment or educational purposes.