Netflix Reveals Upcoming Italian Originals: Pairs of Series and Feature Films

Netflix Reveals Upcoming Italian Originals: Pairs of Series and Feature Films

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Netflix has announced its next wave of Italian originals, consisting of pairs of series and feature films. The announcement was made at a See What’s Next event in Rome, which was attended stars, directors, and industry insiders.

Tinny Andreatta, Vice President of Italian Content at Netflix, expressed the streaming giant’s commitment to investing in Italy and Italian stories. She emphasized their long-term dedication to supporting the country and its creative community. Netflix previously established an Italian office in May 2019.

Among the projects unveiled were Cristina Comencini’s “Il Treno dei Bambini” (The Children’s Train) and Alessandro Genovesi’s “Fabbricante di Lacrime” (Tear Maker) as feature films. The TV series lineup includes “Storia della mia Famiglia” (The Story of My Family) and “Adorazione” (Adoration).

“Il Treno dei Bambini” is an adaptation of Viola Ardone’s bestselling novel and presents a moving story set in post-war Italy through the eyes of a child torn between two mothers. The film is being produced Palmor, with an ensemble cast led Stefano Accorsi.

Based on Erin Doom’s book, “Fabbricante di Lacrime” is being produced Colorado Film Production and explores emotional themes. It features Caterina Ferioli and Simone Baldasseroni in the lead roles.

As for the TV series, “Adorazione,” a six-part show from Picomedia, is a loose adaptation of Alice Urciuolo’s novel of the same name. Directed Stefano Mordini, the series follows a group of teenage girls and boys whose lives are forever changed over the summer.

“Storia della mia Famiglia,” an original script Filippo Gravino and Elisa Dondi, is directed Claudio Cupellini. The show portrays the last day of a man’s life and explores themes of joy, passion, love for his children, and the unexpected responsibilities he must face. The cast includes Eduardo Scarpetta and Vanessa Scalera.

These new projects join Netflix’s existing Italian originals including “Everything Calls for Salvation” season 2, “Rhythm + Flow Italy,” “Brigands: The Quest for Gold,” “The Law According to Lidia Po√ęt” season 2, “The Leopard Superset,” and “Vasco Rossi: Living It.”

Netflix’s commitment to expanding its Italian content demonstrates the platform’s recognition of Italy’s rich creative landscape and the appetite for diverse Italian stories. Through these new series and films, viewers can expect a captivating mix of historical and contemporary narratives that showcase Italy’s culture, talent, and storytelling prowess.

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