Laurent Lafitte to Star in Netflix’s “Tapie”

Laurent Lafitte to Star in Netflix’s “Tapie”

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French actor Laurent Lafitte has been cast as the lead in Netflix’s upcoming film “Tapie.” The film will be directed Gilles Lellouche and is set to tell the story of controversial French businessman, Bernard Tapie.

Lafitte, known for his versatility and outstanding performances, is expected to bring Tapie’s complex character to life on the screen. Tapie, a former politician and sports tycoon, is known for his flamboyant personality and involvement in various business and legal scandals.

The film will chronicle Tapie’s rise and fall, including his acquisition of Adidas in the 1990s, his involvement in the financial scandal surrounding the Credit Lyonnais bank, and his subsequent legal battles and bankruptcy.

Director Gilles Lellouche is known for his ability to capture the intricacies of complex characters, and “Tapie” will undoubtedly be no exception. The film is expected to delve into the complex persona of Tapie, exploring both his successes and failures, as well as examining the societal and economic forces at play during his rise and fall.

“Tapie” is set to offer audiences a captivating and thought-provoking exploration of one of France’s most controversial figures. Lafitte’s portrayal of Tapie, combined with Lellouche’s directorial expertise, promises to deliver a riveting cinematic experience.

Netflix continues to expand its repertoire of international films, further solidifying its position as a global entertainment powerhouse. “Tapie” joins the growing list of compelling original content available on the streaming platform.

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