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Netflix Partners with American Cinematheque to Showcase Wes Anderson’s Curated Collection of Short Films

Netflix has joined forces with American Cinematheque to present a captivating collection of short films handpicked acclaimed filmmaker Wes Anderson. This unique collaboration promises to offer viewers a fresh perspective on storytelling, highlighting the artistry and diverse narratives within the world of short films.

On December 9th, the Aero Theatre will screen Anderson’s “The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar” and “Ready, Steady, Zoom” at 12 p.m. “The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar” boasts an impressive cast including Benedict Cumberbatch, Ralph Fiennes, and Dev Patel. Inspired Roald Dahl’s renowned 1977 short story collection, this anthology film weaves together several captivating stories: “Henry Sugar,” “The Swan,” “Poison,” and “The Ratcatcher.” Interestingly, this marks Anderson’s second adaptation of Dahl’s work following the beloved stop-motion film “Fantastic Mr. Fox.”

Continuing the showcase, Los Feliz 3 will feature screenings of “Powers of Ten,” “Very Nice, Very Nice,” and “Christo’s Valley Curtain” on December 10th at 4 p.m. “Powers of Ten,” directed Charles and Ray Eames, is a thought-provoking scientific film essay that explores the concept of scale and the vastness of the universe. Arthur Lipsett’s “Very Nice, Very Nice” employs a unique blend of photography and sound to illustrate the evolution of everyday life. Lastly, “Christo’s Valley Curtain,” a creation of Ellen Hovde, Albert Maysles, and David Maysles, documents Christo’s ambitious journey to install a vibrant orange fabric between two picturesque Colorado mountains.

While the original article featured quotes from costume designer Walicka Maimone, we can highlight the fact that Maimone praised Benedict Cumberbatch’s remarkable ability to embody various characters in “Henry Sugar.” Anderson’s storytelling approach and attention to detail allowed Maimone to create distinct personas that resonate with the audience’s shared humanity.

This collaboration between Netflix and American Cinematheque serves as a reminder of the importance of short films in the cinematic landscape. By curating this collection, Wes Anderson sparks a renewed appreciation for storytelling in its concise yet impactful form. Prepare to be captivated this unique cinematic experience that transcends boundaries and celebrates the art of short films.


1. What is the inspiration behind the curated collection of short films Wes Anderson?

The collection of short films curated Wes Anderson is inspired Roald Dahl’s 1977 short story collection and showcases diverse narratives within the world of storytelling.

2. Which films will be featured in the showcase?

The showcase will include Anderson’s “The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar” and “Ready, Steady, Zoom,” as well as “Powers of Ten,” “Very Nice, Very Nice,” and “Christo’s Valley Curtain” directed Charles and Ray Eames, Arthur Lipsett, and Ellen Hovde, Albert Maysles, and David Maysles respectively.

3. How does costume designer Walicka Maimone describe Benedict Cumberbatch’s performance in “Henry Sugar”?

Costume designer Walicka Maimone praises Benedict Cumberbatch’s ability to impersonate various characters, showcasing his talent as a chameleon who can effortlessly transform from one persona to another.