“I’m Instagram Famous” Woman Gets Kicked Off Flight

“I’m Instagram Famous” Woman Gets Kicked Off Flight

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A viral video has surfaced of a stunning model causing a commotion on a commercial airline. The woman, dressed in a grey bodysuit, engaged in heated exchanges with fellow passengers before being forcefully escorted off the plane. In the video, she proudly proclaimed her status as an Instagram sensation while arguing with a fellow traveler.

The 20-second clip, captured a passenger, shows the woman retrieving her luggage from an overhead compartment while exchanging curse words with another passenger. As she walked down the aisle, she noticed that someone was recording her and immediately struck a pose, declaring, “Film me! I’m Instagram famous, you f- bum.”

Continuing her fiery behavior, the woman continued to exchange words with other passengers, who could only respond with laughter. The video has garnered significant attention online, though details about when and where the incident occurred remain unclear.

It is unknown whether the woman was already famous on Instagram prior to this incident, but her actions have undeniably brought her into the public eye. This incident serves as another example of in-flight antics that go viral on social media platforms.

– Viral video captures ‘Instagram famous’ woman being kicked off flight (source omitted)