Microsoft Plans to Stream PC Games to Game Pass Subscribers with Azure Servers

Microsoft Plans to Stream PC Games to Game Pass Subscribers with Azure Servers


Internal emails have revealed that Microsoft has been discussing plans to stream PC games to Game Pass subscribers using Azure servers. The emails from 2021 were made public during the court case between the FTC and Microsoft regarding its proposed acquisition of Activision Blizzard.

The conversation began with an email from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella to Xbox boss Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft’s cloud gaming division Kareem Choudhry, and head of the Xbox creator experience Sarah Bond. Nadella inquired about the possibility of bringing game streaming to Game Pass PC, prompted reports of Google potentially offering Stadia as a white label service.

Spencer confirmed Microsoft’s intentions to stream PC games in his response, mentioning the reusability of Google’s Linux cloud hardware. Choudhry also confirmed the plans, stating that their team is working on a suitable Azure SKU to meet the customer demand for infrastructure as a service (IAAS) and to run the xCloud PC streaming stack.

While Google decided to shut down Stadia, Microsoft is determined to introduce game streaming to Game Pass. The only remaining question is the exact launch date for this feature. Nvidia’s GeForce Now has already demonstrated the potential of game streaming, attracting millions of subscribers. Microsoft even struck a 10-year deal with Nvidia to bring PC and Xbox games to GeForce Now.

With its vast network of Azure servers, Microsoft has the infrastructure to execute a seamless game streaming service. Game Pass subscribers can look forward to the expansion of their gaming experience beyond consoles and into the world of PC gaming.

– The Verge