Meta Quest Pro’s Successor Rumored: Affordable Quest “Ventura” and Premium Quest “La Jolla” Leak

Meta Quest Pro’s Successor Rumored: Affordable Quest “Ventura” and Premium Quest “La Jolla” Leak


As the Meta Connect 2023 event approaches, where the official release date for the upcoming Quest 3 headset is expected to be announced, new information about additional AR/VR headsets from Meta has surfaced. Surprisingly, it seems that Meta has plans to release not only a premium headset but also an ultra-affordable one.

Let’s start with the affordable option. Meta is reportedly working on a cheaper version of the Quest 3 headset, codenamed “Ventura.” The company aims to offer the “biggest punch” at the most attractive price point in the VR consumer market. With the Quest 3 starting at $499, speculations suggest that the “Ventura” headset could be priced at $299 or less. However, sacrifices in terms of display, processor, and build quality may be expected to achieve this lower price point.

In addition to the affordable option, Meta is also rumored to be planning a high-end, expensive headset called the Meta Quest “La Jolla.” This successor to the Quest Pro, which was not successful in the market, is speculated to cost several thousand dollars. The goal for the “La Jolla” headset is to provide higher resolutions for work use and prioritize comfort.

The headset is said to feature photorealistic “Codec Avatars” for virtual meetings, high specs, and a premium build quality. A high display resolution and a powerful processor will likely be included to achieve crystal clear text in VR. This headset aims to improve upon the shortcomings of the Quest Pro and provide a comfortable experience for users.

While the Quest 3 is highly anticipated, the leaks about the “Ventura” and “La Jolla” headsets indicate that there are even more exciting developments to look forward to in 2024. Stay tuned for updates on these upcoming releases.

– The Verge