Meta Shuts Down Games without Explanation, Leaving Players Searching for Answers

Meta Shuts Down Games without Explanation, Leaving Players Searching for Answers

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Summary: Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has recently shut down several popular VR games, including Dead and Buried, Dead and Buried II, Bogo, and Echo VR, leaving players puzzled and searching for answers. The company provided no explanation for the sudden closure of these games, causing frustration among users. This move raises concerns among gamers about the future of VR games on the Meta platform.

Dead and Buried, a Wild West arena shootout multiplayer game, was one of the titles affected the shutdown. Owners of Dead and Buried II and Bogo also received similar messages announcing the closure of the games on March 15, 2024. Interestingly, Bogo is not a multiplayer game and does not require online servers to operate, leading to further confusion among users.

One major concern is whether players who purchased these games will receive any consideration or refunds. While the original Dead and Buried was bundled for free with some Oculus Touch controllers and headsets, Dead and Buried II was a paid game. Meta has not yet addressed this issue or provided any comment.

This abrupt closure of games is not the first of its kind. Meta previously shut down Echo VR, also known as Echo Arena, without any explanation. The lack of transparency from the company raises doubts about their commitment to the VR gaming community.

With the recent shutdown of multiple popular titles and the disregard for user satisfaction, many players are now reconsidering their decision to purchase games on the Meta platform. The incident also raises concerns about the future of VR games on Meta and whether the company will continue to prioritize the interests of its users.

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