Meta brings back employee perks to boost morale after year of cuts

Meta brings back employee perks to boost morale after year of cuts

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After a year of cost-cutting measures and layoffs, Meta, the tech giant formerly known as Facebook, is bringing back employee perks in an effort to boost staff morale. According to Bloomberg, the company has revived several pre-pandemic perks, including branded t-shirts, happy hours, laundry services, free haircuts, a new coffee bar, and earlier dinners. These perks had previously been scaled back as Meta implemented cost-saving measures, but their return has reportedly had a positive impact on employee morale.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, had called for a “year of efficiency” in February, leading to layoffs and cuts in employee benefits. However, as Meta has recently begun rehiring some of the staff who were let go during the cost-cutting period, the company is now looking to incentivize employees to return to the office.

Despite Zuckerberg’s previous support for remote work, Meta has taken a tougher stance on office attendance. Last month, the company announced that employees would be required to work in the office at least three days a week, and those who refused to comply could risk losing their jobs.

It is worth noting that although some perks were reduced during the cost-cutting phase, such as running out of popular beverages like La Croix, a Meta spokesperson stated that certain perks, including company swag, happy hours, and dinner, never completely went away and were only adjusted due to the pandemic and budget constraints.

Overall, the revival of employee perks at Meta demonstrates the company’s commitment to improving staff morale and encouraging employees to return to the office. Bringing back these perks can help create a more positive work environment and contribute to increased job satisfaction among employees.

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