Warner Bros. Discovery’s Max to Launch Premium Sports Tier

Warner Bros. Discovery’s Max to Launch Premium Sports Tier


Warner Bros. Discovery’s streaming platform, Max, is set to introduce a new premium sports tier called the Bleacher Report Sports Add-On (B/R Sports) on October 5th. The launch coincides with the start of the Major League Baseball playoffs. The new tier will cost an additional $10 per month on top of the Max subscription, but it will be available for free during a promotional period until the end of February. The promotional period covers the MLB playoffs as well as a significant portion of the NBA and NHL seasons.

The Bleacher Report Sports Add-On will offer over 300 live games annually, including MLB, NBA, and NHL games, as well as other sporting events like NCAA March Madness basketball and U.S. National Team soccer. The aim is to provide viewers with a compelling proposition and the same choices as traditional pay TV without sacrificing quality or availability.

Warner Bros. Discovery plans to use the promotional period to gauge user engagement with the new tier and to work with partners on technical and business aspects. The company hopes that the sports streaming model, which has seen success in Europe where it owns Eurosport, will also thrive in the US. By offering the premium sports tier as a separate option, Warner Bros. Discovery believes it can create a more viable and profitable ecosystem while providing greater consumer choice.

The decision to brand the new tier with the Bleacher Report name is to leverage the strength of the B/R digital brand and attract younger viewers who may be more inclined to leave traditional pay TV. The aim is to reach incremental viewers without incentivizing existing linear TV subscribers to switch. Max’s partnership with Bleacher Report allows them to tap into the digital brand’s popularity and use it as a promotional platform.

In conclusion, Warner Bros. Discovery’s Max streaming platform is set to launch a premium sports tier in October. This tier will provide access to live games and events from various sports leagues. Offering a separate sports tier aligns with the international sports streaming model and gives consumers more choice while ensuring the long-term viability of the streaming ecosystem. The promotional period will allow users to test the offering and provide valuable insights to Warner Bros. Discovery. By leveraging the Bleacher Report brand, Max hopes to attract younger viewers and increase its reach in the streaming market.

– Major League Baseball (MLB): a professional baseball organization that is the oldest of the four major professional sports leagues in the US and Canada
– National Basketball Association (NBA): a professional basketball league in North America
– National Hockey League (NHL): a professional ice hockey league in North America
– NCAA March Madness: a single-elimination basketball tournament played each spring in the US featuring college basketball teams
– U.S. National Team: a collective term for national sports teams representing the United States in international competitions
– Eurosport: a sports television network owned Warner Bros. Discovery that broadcasts various sports events in Europe
– Bleacher Report: a digital sports media brand that provides news, opinions, and highlights related to various sports

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