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New Top 10 Lists Rolled Out Max to Increase Engagement

Max, previously known as HBO Max, has introduced its first Top 10 lists in an attempt to enhance user engagement with its best movies and series. According to the current rankings, the top three series are “Hard Knocks,” which showcases the NFL training camp with the New York Jets, “And Just Like That…,” and “Winning Time,” a series about the Los Angeles Lakers in the 1980s.

When it comes to movies, the leading titles are “The Flash,” the disappointing DC film, “BS High,” a documentary about Bishop Sycamore high-school football, and the 2015 comedy “Get Hard” starring Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart.

However, Max determines its Top 10 based on the number of unique user profiles that have watched a title for at least two minutes, updating the lists daily. This methodology is reminiscent of what Netflix used to employ a few years ago, where a two-minute viewing window indicated intention.

In contrast, Netflix now ranks its top 10 titles based on the “views,” calculating the total hours watched and dividing it the total runtime, rounding to the nearest 100,000 to determine the number of views.

Nielsen tracks streaming platforms such as Amazon Prime, Apple TV+, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, Paramount+, Peacock, and Netflix monitoring the total minutes viewed through a television any panelist aged two or older. Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV+ also have their own Top 10 lists, although the specific methods used to compile these rankings are undisclosed.

Besides Max, other streaming platforms also have their own current Top 10 rankings. At present, Max’s top 10 series include “Telemarketers,” “Harley Quinn,” and “Fionna and Cake,” while the top 10 movies feature “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes,” “Twister,” and “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs,” among others.

These new Top 10 lists introduced Max aim to draw users’ attention to the best content available on the platform, making it easier for viewers to discover popular movies and series.

– Max (formerly HBO Max)
– Netflix
– Nielsen