Meet Porsha: Everything You Need to Know About the MAFS UK Contestant

Meet Porsha: Everything You Need to Know About the MAFS UK Contestant

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Married At First Sight UK is back with a new season, and one of the contestants looking for love is Porsha. Let’s dive into some key details about Porsha, including her age, profession, children, and Instagram presence.

Porsha is 36 years old, and her age played a significant role in her decision to join MAFS UK. Growing up in a Christian household, she always saw marriage as an important milestone, and she had imagined herself getting married at a young age. However, at 36 and still single, Porsha saw this show as an opportunity to experience a wedding, even if she didn’t give much thought to the marriage itself.

Professionally, Porsha works as an executive assistant in London. In terms of children, she has a young son named Ethan Oscar. It’s unclear how old he is or if he will make an appearance on the show.

Porsha shares glimpses of her life on Instagram under the handle @porscha.x. She frequently uploads beautiful pictures and adorable snapshots of her child.

Looking ahead to the MAFS UK experience, Porsha acknowledged that it will be a challenging process. She believes it will push her to experience a wide range of emotions, discover new joys, and ultimately, foster personal growth.

With a total of 36 episodes, this season of MAFS UK promises to be the most explosive yet. Stay tuned to see if Porsha finds her perfect match!


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