Get to Know Brad from Married at First Sight UK

Get to Know Brad from Married at First Sight UK

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In the upcoming season of Married at First Sight UK, 27-year-old Brad from Grimsby is one of the contestants looking for love. He is excited to participate in the MAFS process and trusts the experts to have matched him well. Brad’s occupation is that of a model, and he acknowledges that his partner on the show might not be the most compatible match, but he views the experience as valuable regardless.

Brad is active on Instagram, where his handle is @bradskelly. He often shares images from his modeling shoots and proudly displays his numerous tattoos. While the exact number of tattoos is unknown, Brad mentions that looks played a role in his initial attraction to his partner on the show. He acknowledges that he may have been more focused on the physical aspect rather than the emotional connection at first.

In anticipation of the show airing, Brad has admitted that participating in Married at First Sight tests and challenges you in various ways. It can push your buttons, create overwhelming feelings, and induce stress. However, he does not regret any of the experiences because he believes that people act based on their circumstances at the time.

– Married At First Sight 2023, Channel 4 Television
– @bradskelly, Brad’s Instagram handle