Maple School Board Holds Budget Hearing and Annual Meeting

Maple School Board Holds Budget Hearing and Annual Meeting

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The Maple School Board is gearing up for its budget hearing and annual meeting, scheduled for Monday, Sept. 25. The district has set a budget of slightly over $21.3 million for the 2023-2024 school year. This includes a tax levy of $10.2 million, with the tax rate to be determined once the Wisconsin Department of Revenue releases equalization value information.

One notable aspect of the budget is the allocation of funds for various purposes. A total of $36,900 will be directed to Community Service Fund 80, which will support extracurricular activities at Northwestern Middle School. Additionally, $40,000 will be allocated to Fund 41 Capital Expansion for future building and site replacement.

The decision to fund middle school activities was approved during a board meeting on Sept. 11. Business manager Cody Fechtelkotter emphasized that these programs are open to any students residing within the district boundaries, regardless of whether they attend Northwestern or not.

During the meeting, the board will also vote on a resolution authorizing the continuation of Capital Expansion Fund 41. This fund serves as a means to pre-finance the costs associated with future building and site replacements.

For further details and to access the meeting, interested individuals can visit the Maple School District website.

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