The Mixed Reception of Filipinos towards Artificial Intelligence in the Workplace

The Mixed Reception of Filipinos towards Artificial Intelligence in the Workplace

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LinkedIn’s latest research reveals that Filipinos have mixed feelings regarding the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) use cases in the workplace. However, a significant majority of respondents, around 76%, are aware that AI will bring substantial changes to the job landscape in the coming year.

The research indicates that 69% of Filipinos are open to embracing AI and are enthusiastic about learning more about this technology. However, many respondents are uncertain about where to begin. Despite this uncertainty, nearly all Filipinos (97%) express excitement about using AI at work and believe that it will contribute to their career advancement.

According to Atul Harkisanka, head of Growth Markets and country lead for the Philippines at LinkedIn, Filipino professionals are eager to leverage AI to enhance their career progression. They believe that AI can provide faster access to knowledge and insights, improve productivity, help solve work problems, and promote better work-life balance.

The study conducted Censuswide surveyed 1,527 workers in the Philippines and found that more than half (55%) of them are already using generative AI in their jobs. Millennials and Gen Z professionals make up a significant portion (46%) of users, showcasing their enthusiasm for AI technology.

Professionals in the Philippines believe that AI will advance their careers boosting their confidence through faster access to knowledge and suggesting necessary skills or training. The study also reveals that 85% of professionals believe AI will become an “invisible teammate” in the next five years, freeing up their time for more creative and strategic work.

Despite the optimism, 57% of professionals feel overwhelmed the potential changes AI may bring to their jobs, and around 41% are concerned about keeping up with rapid AI developments in the workplace.

LinkedIn has observed a significant increase in discussions about AI among its members, with many adding AI skills to their profiles. This highlights the importance of soft skills and the need for professionals to continue developing these skills alongside technological advancements.

Overall, the research showcases the mixed reception towards AI in the Filipino workplace, with many professionals optimistic about its potential while also feeling apprehensive about the impact it may have on their careers.
Sources: LinkedIn Censuswide