Lincoln List Review: My Experience with Reversal Trading

The Lincoln List Review
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The Lincoln List, run by Doug Rumer, is a small trading community that focuses on Counter Trend (Reversal) Trades. He buys weak stocks and shorts strong stocks. This powerful strategy is popular among beginners because it’s so easy to understand. I’d encourage any beginner trader to check out The Lincoln List.

The Lincoln List Review

The Lincoln List is owned an operated by Doug Rumer, a 15 year veteran day trader.  The site offers both a day trading chat room and trading courses coined “Champ Camp”.  Doug utilizes a trading strategy that focuses primarily on top and bottom reversals, and claims to have not had a losing month since 2005.  Although we were unable to find verification for the claim, students in his chat room support that fact that Doug has terrific accuracy and continually posts weekly gains.  Today we will discuss the Trading Strategies taught at The Lincoln List and review the value offerings for beginner to advanced traders.

The Lincoln List Review: Marketing Strategies

In stark contrast to some of the other trading websites we’ve reviewed, namely Timothy Sykes and Fous Alerts, Doug Rumer markets his services in a very professional way.  He doesn’t utilize the girls in bikinis or the sports cars.  Instead he caters to a different type of trader, one looking for consistent returns using simple strategies.  Doug’s marketing strategies are a good reflection of his strategies.  He’s not trading the supernova penny stocks that go from $2-20 in 1 day, instead he’s trading predictable reversal patterns on typically higher priced stocks.  Although his strategies are quite different from Fous Alerts or the Bulls on Wall Street, he does seem to have an affiliation or at least a friendship with both businesses, as he has several links on his site back to the same prop firm used by all three trading websites.

Doug is fairly active on social media, although he has a much smaller following than many of the rooms we’ve reviewed, with only 6k Twitter followers.  He is also very active on StockTwits.

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Lincoln List Trading Strategies

The Lincoln List is focused primarily on counter trend trading.  That means he buys weak stocks looking for a bounce, and short strong stocks looking for a drop.  This is an extremely popular strategy because reversals are pretty easy for beginner traders to understand.  Doug is very clear about discussing the trades he’s looking at and articulating the reasons why the setups are strong.  He actively uses Trade-Ideas for stock scanning, using High RSI and Low RSI as his primary filters.  Using this strategy, he looks for extremely high or extremely low RSI.  In this way, if he sees an RSI of 99 (1-100 scale), it’s almost guaranteed he will take a short position, if he sees an RSI of 1-2 (1-200 scale), he’s usually going to start buying.  The one drawback to this strategy is that you typically have to scale into positions.  This means taking a starter position and expecting that you may need to add more to improve your cost basis because you are at a loss.  This can be dangerous for new traders who get into the habit of holding and hoping.  I’ve seen Doug on more than one occasion end up holding a strong stock he shorted too early and was red on.  This can be a recipe for a disaster for a beginner trader with a small account, but Doug is good at explaining why he’s holding through a squeeze or a drop, and more often than not, he does finish green on the name.

Lincoln List Final Thoughts

Any beginner trader interested in counter trend trading should definitely check out The Lincoln List.  Although I didn’t take his “Champ Camp” trading course, it was spoken highly of by several traders in his chat room.  One of the things I really like about The Lincoln List is that it doesn’t feel like Doug is trying to be another Timothy Sykes.  He’s running a smaller business and he seems very content with that.  This means instead of spending his time marketing, he spends his time working with traders in the room and actively engaging with the trading community.  As a fellow trader, I really appreciate this mentality.  I understand this is a business for many people, but new traders need educational content, and Doug provides it.


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  1. I follow Lincoln List trading on my twitter! Totally a great resource. Great review also.

    Thanks for taking the time to review this!

  2. Thanks for the review. One correction you have ” not a losing trade since 2005″ Its not a losing month since 2005. That would be nice but I have had my fair share of losing trades but have always been ablre to finish the month green.



    • Thanks Doug! We’ll make that changes. If you start doing any live streams on TickerTV we’ll be sure to link to your broadcaster channel as well. You should check it out! Keep up the great work.

    • Hey Doug. so I just paid 100 dollars for your services and I can’t login to anything and it says my email isn’t even in your system. I went ahead and made a dispute with PayPal because I’ve been sending emails but I’ve gotten no response. I would like to keep my membership but I would need to receive it first. so if you could please contact me through my email and explain to me why it took 100 dollars but won’t give me an account.

  3. Dug is a great guy and good trader. my only concerns like with all trade rooms is that he is difficult to follow. also, he points to Profitly. everyone and their mom knows that site is full of bogus and/or cherry picked trades. But overall, genuine guy and skilled trader.