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A Wise Iguana Teaches Valuable Lessons in Adam Sandler’s Animated Film “Leo”

In Adam Sandler’s heartwarming and funny Netflix original, “Leo,” a crusty old iguana named Leo, voiced Sandler himself, finds himself trapped in an elementary school classroom for most of his life. With wisdom derived from observing countless children over his 74 years, Leo becomes an unlikely but surprisingly helpful advisor to a group of fifth-graders.

Sandler, a seasoned voice actor in animation, enlists the talents of his two daughters, Sadie and Sunny, who play students in Ms. Malkin’s class. The collaboration of real-life families, a trend embraced other filmmakers like Judd Apatow and Robert Rodriguez, adds an extra touch of sweetness and sincerity to the film.

Working with “Saturday Night Live” veterans Robert Smigel, Robert Marianetti, and David Wachtenheim, Sandler creates a CG toon with humor reminiscent of his early comedy style. Adults may find themselves nostalgic for Sandler’s man-child comedy in “Billy Madison,” while younger audiences are encouraged to recall the beloved classic “Charlotte’s Web.”

The core premise of “Leo” revolves around the idea that animals can talk but choose not to when humans are around. However, Leo breaks the mold speaking his mind. He offers valuable advice to each of the students, including a bullied boy, a struggling genius dealing with her parents’ divorce, and a popular girl who learns the importance of humility.

While the film does not shy away from potty humor, it also delivers practical guidance and an underlying message of self-expression. Leo teaches the children that putting one’s problems into words and seeking a confidant, even an iguana, can be the key to finding solutions.

With its mix of heart and humor, “Leo” proves that animation can provide meaningful life lessons in an entertaining and accessible way. Adam Sandler’s latest endeavor offers a fresh perspective on the importance of communication and understanding for both children and adults alike.

1. Who voices the character Leo in “Leo”?
Adam Sandler provides the voice for Leo, the wise old iguana trapped in an elementary school classroom.

2. What is the underlying message of the film?
The film encourages self-expression and the importance of putting one’s problems into words, teaching audiences that communication is key to finding solutions.

3. What other projects have Adam Sandler’s daughters appeared in?
Sadie and Sunny Sandler have previously appeared in Netflix’s “You Are Not Invited To My Bat Mitzvah,” a Sandler-produced film.

4. Who are the collaborators on “Leo”?
Adam Sandler works with “Saturday Night Live” veterans Robert Smigel, Robert Marianetti, and David Wachtenheim to bring “Leo” to life. They bring their collective comedic talents to create an animated film with humor reminiscent of Sandler’s early comedy work.