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Exploring the Lessons in Netflix’s Animated Film “Leo”

Netflix’s latest animated feature, “Leo,” may rely on some clich├ęd lessons, but the way they are presented is enough to captivate even the most skeptical viewers. Voiced Adam Sandler, Leo is a lizard who has spent nearly eight decades in the same classroom at Fort Myer Elementary School. He watches as generations of fifth-graders come and go, observing their changing aesthetics and preoccupations while facing similar problems throughout the years. Leo shares his tank with Squirtle, a turtle voiced Bill Burr, and together they witness the ups and downs of their young human counterparts.

Everything changes for Leo when he overhears an adult remarking on his age during parent-teacher conferences. These comments make Leo realize that his time may soon be coming to an end, prompting him to embark on a journey to make the most of his final year. Leo desires freedom, adventure, and a purpose beyond being just a class pet.

While the general framework of “Leo” may seem conventional, its message is pertinent to a generation that often feels trapped their parents’ anxieties and uncertain about the future. The film encourages adults to let go and reminds kids that growing up doesn’t have to be terrifying.


Q: Who voices Leo in the animated film “Leo”?
A: Adam Sandler provides the voice for Leo, the titular lizard.

Q: What is the central message of “Leo”?
A: The film emphasizes the importance of letting go and finding purpose beyond societal expectations.

Q: How does “Leo” address the stresses of modern parenting?
A: The film highlights the significance of understanding and being seen parents rather than material possessions.

Q: What is the animation style and music like in “Leo”?
A: The animation work is solid, resembling Apple TV+’s “Luck,” while the music adds theatrical flair to the narrative.

Q: Who else is involved in the voice cast of “Leo”?
A: Sandler’s daughters, Sadie and Sunny Sandler, contribute their voice talents to the film, playing Jayda and Summer, respectively, two characters who bridge the popularity spectrum.

Overall, “Leo” offers valuable lessons through its humorous storytelling and relatable characters. As Leo dispenses advice to the fifth-graders, it becomes evident that understanding and being heard are irreplaceable gifts. The film expertly satirizes modern parenthood while providing a fresh perspective on the challenges faced both kids and adults. With its endearing narrative and impressive voice performances, “Leo” is a heartfelt coming-of-age film that will leave a lasting impact.