LE SSERAFIM’s Ballet Princess Kazuha Gets Creative with a New Instagram Handle

LE SSERAFIM’s Ballet Princess Kazuha Gets Creative with a New Instagram Handle

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Kazuha, the ballet princess of LE SSERAFIM, has recently changed her Instagram handle. When she first opened her personal account, she opted for something simple – her own name. However, with her desired handle “Kazuha” already taken, she had to think outside the box.

After a little over a year, Kazuha decided to change her handle once again. Her new name? “Zuhazana!” For those unfamiliar with Korean, this playful handle can simply be translated to “it’s Zuha.” The name carries a dry and matter-of-fact tone, perfectly aligned with Kazuha’s humorous personality. Fans found her new handle just as adorable as she is, expressing their excitement and affection through various reactions online.

By changing her handle, Kazuha has made it easier for her followers to find and interact with her. No longer needing to type in several underscores, fans can now enjoy viewing her beautiful face without any hassle. Kazuha’s creativity and ability to adapt have once again proven why she is adored so many.

Source: The qoo

– Instagram handle: The username used an individual or organization on the social media platform Instagram to identify themselves.
– Nuance: A subtle difference in meaning or expression that gives a particular quality to something.
– Netizen: A term commonly used in South Korea to describe an internet user or a person who frequently engages in online activities.
– Adorable: Very attractive or delightful; lovable.
– Hassle: Annoying or troublesome tasks or activities that require effort or time.

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