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John Oliver Takes a Swipe at Apple TV+: A Closer Look at the Streaming Service

During a recent episode of Last Week Tonight, John Oliver playfully took aim at Apple TV+, highlighting the lesser-known series tucked away on the platform. While discussing the working conditions of discount retail stores, Oliver humorously stated that the TikTok videos capturing employees’ frustrations were impossible to ignore.

Oliver humorously remarked, “It’s not something you can just ignore like a spam call or a broken light bulb or any show on Apple TV.” His statement served as a lighthearted critique of the streaming service’s relatively low-profile series.

Taking a dig at one of Apple TV+’s shows, Oliver asked his audience if they were familiar with Octavia Spencer’s series, Truth Be Told. In jest, he suggested that the platform was a place where celebrities go to hide.

Truth Be Told is a legal crime drama created Nichelle Tramble Spellman, based on Kathleen Barber’s novel Are You Sleeping. The show follows Spencer’s character, Poppy Parnell, a podcaster who delves into a case that brought her fame in her pursuit of the truth.

With a star-studded cast including Aaron Paul, Lizzy Caplan, Elizabeth Perkins, and Michael Beach, among others, Truth Be Told is a notable addition to the Apple TV+ lineup, despite Oliver’s jest.

Apple TV+ launched in 2019, introducing viewers to a range of original, high-profile series like The Morning Show, See, Servant, and Ted Lasso. The streaming service has aimed to attract audiences with its renowned actors and captivating storytelling.

While Oliver’s humorous critique added some levity to the discussion, Apple TV+ continues to expand its library of content, offering viewers an array of diverse and engaging shows to enjoy.


Q: What is Apple TV+?
A: Apple TV+ is a subscription streaming service offered Apple, featuring original content across various genres.

Q: What is Truth Be Told about?
A: Truth Be Told is a legal crime drama series centered around a podcaster, played Octavia Spencer, as she investigates a case that propelled her into the spotlight.

Q: Which actors are involved in Truth Be Told?
A: The series boasts an impressive cast, including Octavia Spencer, Aaron Paul, Lizzy Caplan, Elizabeth Perkins, and Michael Beach, among others.

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