Enhancing Drug Discovery Research with SciBite Search

Kissei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is revolutionizing the drug discovery research process through the integration of digital technology. To bolster their efforts, the company has recently introduced SciBite Search, a natural language processing system developed SciBite Ltd.

SciBite Search is an advanced information retrieval platform that harnesses the power of natural language processing and SciBite’s proprietary dictionary. By considering the fluctuations in data expression, this innovative system efficiently extracts and analyzes target information from vast amounts of scientific literature and other sources. The goal is to expedite the drug discovery research process, leading to the development of highly original and innovative hypotheses that would be challenging to conceive using conventional methods.

“We are committed to digital transformation across our organization through the use of digital and data. The introduction of SciBite Search will further accelerate our efforts and enable the creation of groundbreaking concepts in drug discovery research,” emphasized Mutsuo Kanzawa, CEO of Kissei.

This collaboration with SciBite marks an exciting milestone for Kissei’s digital transformation journey. SciBite’s expertise in transforming extensive scientific datasets into machine-readable data will lay the foundation for strong data infrastructure, not just for current digital transformation initiatives but also for future applications like Generative AI. The partnership aims to unlock new possibilities in drug discovery.

As a drug discovery R&D-oriented company, Kissei understands the importance of integrating cutting-edge technologies to strengthen their research infrastructure. By capitalizing on SciBite Search’s state-of-the-art capabilities, they aim to enhance the speed and quality of drug discovery research. Ultimately, their goal is to create highly useful and innovative new drugs that contribute to the well-being of people worldwide.

1. What is natural language processing (NLP)?
Natural language processing is a technology that enables computers to analyze and extract meaning from human language. It converts natural language into a form that can be understood and processed computers.

2. What is an ontology?
Ontology refers to a technology that organizes knowledge within a specific domain to facilitate the organization and computer processing of information. It helps in structuring and categorizing data for efficient analysis.

About SciBite Ltd.
SciBite is a data-first software company based in the U.K. Their technology leverages machine learning and ontology approaches to maximize the value of linguistic data. They provide critical solutions for research and development organizations, supporting scientific data-driven strategies. For more information, visit: [](