Khloe Kardashian Shades Kim in Birthday Post and Reflects on Childhood

Khloe Kardashian Shades Kim in Birthday Post and Reflects on Childhood

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Khloe Kardashian recently took to Instagram to wish her friend Stephanie Suganami a happy birthday. However, in doing so, she threw shade at her sister Kim Kardashian. The post comes after Kim received backlash for making a friend’s birthday celebration “all about herself.”

In a cryptic quote shared on her Instagram, Khloe alluded to her childhood, saying, “A therapist said if you self-isolate when overwhelmed you probably had to solve a lot of your problems alone as a child.” Although Khloe provided no context for the quote, it suggests that she may have experienced feelings of isolation during her upbringing.

Khloe then proceeded to wish Stephanie a happy birthday with a throwback photo from a trip to Miami for a Skims pop-up. However, she cropped Kim out of the picture, captioning it with, “Sorry, Kim, this isn’t about you, so you got the diddy crop.” This subtle shade seems to reference an incident earlier this year when Kim was criticized for stealing the spotlight at a friend’s birthday party.

During the event in question, Kim shared a group photo on social media where she placed herself at the center, overshadowing the birthday boy. Fans called her out for her self-centered behavior, with one comment saying, “It’s [the friend’s] birthday… or is it Kim’s?”

Khloe’s post and caption reflect her frustration with her sister’s tendency to make occasions about herself. It also suggests a desire for Stephanie to have her moment without any distractions from Kim.

Overall, Khloe’s Instagram post serves as a reminder that birthdays should be about celebrating the person being honored, rather than overshadowing them. It also offers a glimpse into Khloe’s personal experiences growing up and the impact they may have had on her.