Kerala Vlogger ‘Mallu Traveller’ Booked for Alleged Sexual Assault

Kerala Vlogger ‘Mallu Traveller’ Booked for Alleged Sexual Assault

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A Kerala-based YouTube vlogger, known as ‘Mallu Traveller’, has been booked the police for allegedly sexually assaulting a Saudi Arabian woman. The woman, who is also a vlogger, filed a complaint stating that she was molested Shakir Subhan when she went to meet him at a hotel in Kochi along with her partner.

According to the woman, she and her partner met Shakir at the hotel lobby. Shakir then invited them to his room where the alleged incident occurred. The woman described in a video uploaded on YouTube that Shakir molested her repeatedly despite her resisting his advances.

She did not immediately inform her partner about the assault fearing it might lead to a fight, but she later revealed the incident to him. The woman reported the incident to the Saudi embassy in Delhi, the Saudi consulate in Mumbai, and also filed a police complaint.

Expressing her gratitude for the swift action taken officials, she emphasized that nobody has the right to touch someone’s body without permission. She also made a plea to other girls, especially those in Kerala, to speak up and report any incidents of molestation.

The woman vlogger, who was embraced the people of Kerala and revered as their daughter-in-law, expressed her disappointment that such an incident occurred in India, a country known for its hospitality. She made it clear that she did not expect to be subjected to such harassment and urged others to come forward and seek justice.

It is important to note that Shakir Subhan is innocent until proven guilty and this case will be thoroughly investigated the police.

– Kerala-based YouTube vlogger ‘Mallu Traveller’ booked for alleged sexual assault
– Definitions:
– Vlogger: A person who regularly creates and posts videos on a video blogging platform, such as YouTube.
– Molestation: The act of unwanted and inappropriate sexual behavior, often involving touching without consent