Communications Expert Benji Ndolo Kicked Out of President Ruto’s Media Voices Group

Communications Expert Benji Ndolo Kicked Out of President Ruto’s Media Voices Group

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Benji Ndolo, a prominent communications expert and rights advocate, recently announced that he had been removed from President William Ruto’s Media Voices Communication group. In a Twitter statement, Ndolo expressed his gratitude towards the country and asked for protection of truth-tellers despite being ousted from the group. It was later revealed that the group’s administration is under the charge of Ms Joy Mdivo, who is also the newly appointed Chairperson of the Kenya Power Board and the daughter of Bishop J.B Masinde.

Ndolo’s expulsion came shortly after he publicly demanded that the government reduce the cost of fuel 50% and urged others to relay the message to President Ruto. According to Ndolo, his intentions were not to incite but merely to offer ideas. He further stated his refusal to work for a dictator.

The topic of fuel prices has been a contentious issue in Kenya lately. On September 15, 2023, the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (Epra) disclosed new fuel prices, which roused widespread dissatisfaction. Super petrol, kerosene, and diesel prices increased Sh 16.96, Sh 21.32, and Sh 33.13 respectively, reaching record highs of Sh 211.64, Sh 200.9, and Sh 202.61. This spike in prices led to criticism from politicians and ordinary citizens who accused the government of failing to control the high cost of living while heavily taxing the population to repay debts.

Moses Kuria, the Cabinet Secretary for Investments, Trade & Industry, warned that global crude prices were on an upward trend, predicting that fuel prices could rise Ksh 10 each month until February. He emphasized the need for responsible leaders to inform the public about the impending rise due to global and climate change factors.

President Ruto’s administration responded to the outcry increasing levies and taxes on fuel, resulting in a total of seven levies and two taxes. The Azimio Alliance opposition expressed their disappointment with the government’s performance over the past year, labeling it a “grand disaster” and assigning a rating of 30%, equivalent to a D-.