Kanye West Seeks Models in Florence After Controversial Behavior in Italy: A Closer Look

Kanye West Seeks Models in Florence After Controversial Behavior in Italy: A Closer Look

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Notorious rapper and fashion mogul Kanye West has been making headlines recently, but not for his music or fashion choices. Alongside his wife, Bianca Censori, Kanye caused a stir in Italy with their Not Safe for Work (NSFW) behavior. In response to the controversy, Kanye took to his Yeezy Instagram page to announce an open call for models in Florence, Italy, as he seeks fresh faces for his Yeezy brand.

The plea for models garnered attention from both fans and the fashion world alike. Kanye shared a handwritten announcement on his Yeezy Instagram page, with the post appearing on a parchment-like background, adding an artistic touch to the message. The post clearly stated the intentions behind the open call: “Models needed for our design atelier in Florence, Italy.” Interested candidates were instructed to send their photos and social media profiles to [email protected]. The announcement was also posted in Italian to ensure clarity for potential applicants.

Kanye West is known primarily for his music career, but he has also made a name for himself in the fashion industry with his unique sneaker line, Yeezy. His bold and innovative style choices have influenced the fashion world over the years.

Kanye and Bianca’s time in Italy has been far from low-key. During London Fashion Week, Bianca turned heads when she was spotted wearing a lion’s mane and a thong bodysuit. Kanye, in his signature all-black attire, donned a scarf that covered his head and neck. They have been jet-setting across Europe, with stops in Germany and Italy, enjoying the sights and flavors of these iconic destinations. Bianca even made a statement in a sheer nude catsuit while in Germany.

However, their stay in Venice took a controversial turn when they were seen engaging in an intimate moment on a boat. The images quickly circulated worldwide, leading to outrage and investigations local authorities. Engaging in acts contrary to public decency in Italy can result in significant fines, and it seems Kanye and Bianca may not have been aware of the potential consequences of their actions.

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Definitions: NSFW – Not Safe for Work

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