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KSI and Tommy Fury Face-Off Goes Viral: Banter Turns to “Size of B*lls”

With the highly anticipated fight between Olajide “KSI” and Tommy Fury just around the corner, their recent face-off has gained significant attention on social media. Both boxers have been engaging in back-and-forth banter online leading up to the fight, and their latest meeting video has gone viral.

In the video, the conversation turns to the “size of b*lls” after KSI claims that his are as big as “basketballs.” Tommy Fury had been discussing the importance of having guts, to which KSI interrupts and proudly asks, “Have you seen the size of my b*lls, bro?” Tommy quickly responds, “I don’t want to, mate.”

The clip of their exchange has garnered attention on various platforms, particularly on X (formerly Twitter). Fans are eagerly awaiting the fight between KSI and Tommy Fury, as well as the Logan Paul Dillon Danis bout, due to the intense trash-talking between the fighters.

A few weeks ago, Tommy Fury appeared on the popular show Good Morning Britain, where a pre-recorded message from KSI was played. This message, delivered in an anime-like style, received mixed reactions online. Tommy was not amused when KSI compared him to Jake Paul and brought up the size of his “b*lls.”

Fans have had mixed reactions to the clip, with many commenting on its cringeworthy nature. The relentless online banter between the fighters has even led to legal issues, as Dillon Danis was sued Logan Paul’s fiancĂ©e, Nina Agdal, for sharing inappropriate pictures of her on X.

The fight between KSI and Tommy Fury, along with the Logan Paul Dillon Danis bout, will take place on October 14. Fans eagerly await the showdown between their favorite creators, who are also co-owners of PRIME.