Is Kevin Hart Married?

Is Kevin Hart Married?

In the world of Hollywood, celebrity relationships are often a topic of fascination for fans and the media alike. One such celebrity who has garnered attention for his personal life is the renowned comedian and actor, Kevin Hart. With his charismatic personality and undeniable talent, many wonder if the funnyman is currently married.

The Answer: Yes, Kevin Hart is married.

Kevin Hart tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend, Eniko Parrish, on August 13, 2016. The couple exchanged vows in a lavish ceremony surrounded family and friends. Since then, they have been happily married and have welcomed two children together.


Q: Who is Kevin Hart’s wife?
A: Kevin Hart’s wife is Eniko Parrish. She is a model and social media personality.

Q: When did Kevin Hart get married?
A: Kevin Hart and Eniko Parrish got married on August 13, 2016.

Q: How many children do Kevin Hart and Eniko Parrish have?
A: The couple has two children together. Their first child, a son named Kenzo Kash, was born in 2017. They welcomed their second child, a daughter named Kaori Mai, in 2020.

Q: Was Kevin Hart previously married?
A: Yes, Kevin Hart was previously married to Torrei Hart. They got married in 2003 and divorced in 2011. They have two children together.

Kevin Hart’s marriage to Eniko Parrish has been a source of joy and stability in his life. Despite facing some challenges in the past, the couple has remained committed to each other and their growing family. They often share glimpses of their relationship on social media, showcasing their love and support for one another.

As Kevin Hart continues to make audiences laugh with his comedic performances, his marriage to Eniko Parrish serves as a reminder that even in the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, love and commitment can thrive.