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Facebook and Instagram Users in Europe Can View Content Chronologically, Thanks to the Digital Services Act

According to a recent blog post Meta, users in Europe will soon have the option to view content on Instagram and Facebook chronologically. This update is in compliance with the European Union’s Digital Services Act (DSA), which aims to give people more control over their online experiences. The feature will allow users to view Stories and Reels from accounts they follow in chronological order.

In addition to chronological feeds, the DSA also requires Meta to provide search results based solely on the words users enter, rather than using algorithms for targeted results and recommendations. These changes are expected to be welcomed EU Meta users who have long been requesting the return of the chronological feed on Instagram.

The implementation of the DSA and the Digital Markets Act (DMA) will have significant implications for tech companies operating in Europe. These regulations aim to create a safer digital space and ensure a level playing field for businesses and consumers. Meta’s president of global affairs, Nick Clegg, expressed support for these regulations in a recent blog post, stating that Meta welcomes the ambition for greater transparency, accountability, and user empowerment.

Since the DSA came into effect in November 2022, Meta has been working diligently to develop solutions that meet the requirements of the new regulations. This includes assembling a cross-functional team of over 1,000 people and implementing a range of policy changes and features. These include increased insight into the use of AI, content tools for researchers, and heightened transparency around advertisements.

Overall, the changes brought about the DSA will provide users in Europe with more control over their online experiences and promote transparency and accountability in the digital space.


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Additional information:
– The Digital Services Act (DSA) and Digital Markets Act (DMA) are comprehensive digital regulations introduced the European Union.
– The DSA aims to create a safer digital space and empower users while fostering innovation, growth, and competitiveness.
– Meta is the parent company of Facebook and Instagram.