Instagram Influencer Goes Viral with Airline Meltdown

Instagram Influencer Goes Viral with Airline Meltdown

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An Instagram influencer named Morgan Osman has become an internet sensation after a video of her having a meltdown on an American Airlines flight went viral. In the video, Osman can be seen berating a fellow passenger who was recording the incident, claiming that she is “Instagram famous” and the person recording is a “f-ing bum.”

Despite the backlash she has received, Osman has embraced the attention and even confirmed that it is indeed her in the video. This incident has only served to boost her career as an Instagram influencer, with her name now being mentioned and trending on Google.

Although many may view Osman’s behavior as unprofessional and immature, it seems to be a deliberate strategy to attract attention and increase her online following. Osman has previously appeared on the reality TV show “The Bad Girls Club,” which already established her as a controversial figure.

This incident highlights the power of viral videos in today’s digital age. It demonstrates how easily someone can gain notoriety and fame, even if it’s for negative reasons. Osman’s actions have proven to be a successful marketing tactic for herself, as she has capitalized on the incident and used it to enhance her online presence.

In conclusion, Osman’s airline meltdown has catapulted her into the spotlight and solidified her status as an Instagram influencer. While some may criticize her behavior, she has effectively used this incident to her advantage in the competitive world of social media.

– OutKick (source article)