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Introducing Instagram’s New Feature: Share Reels with Close Friends

Instagram is known for its creative features that allow users to express themselves through videos and photos. One popular feature, Reels, is a fun and silly way to create short videos. However, not every Reel is meant to be shared with everyone. Sometimes, you want to keep it within a close circle of friends or separate your personal and professional life.

In response to user feedback, Instagram has released an exciting solution. Mark Zuckerberg recently announced on his Broadcast channel that users can now share Reels exclusively with their “Close Friends” list. This means that instead of sharing your Reels with all of your followers, you have the option to keep them private and share them only with a selected group of individuals.

To access this new feature, simply upload a video as you normally would. Before clicking the share button, look for the “Audience” button. By clicking on it, you’ll be presented with the option to share your Reel with either “Everyone” or “Close Friends.” It’s as simple as that!

If you haven’t added people to your “Close Friends” list before, you can easily do so tapping “Add people” under the “Close Friends” option and selecting the followers you want to include. This feature provides you with greater control over who sees your content, allowing you to maintain a more curated and personal experience on Instagram.

In addition to the new sharing feature, Instagram has also made improvements to the Reels editing experience. The platform is testing new features that make editing Reels more seamless and user-friendly. These include options to scale, crop, rotate clips, and undo and redo edits, making it easier for users to create engaging and visually appealing Reels.

Instagram is also taking inspiration from TikTok introducing text-to-speech features. Users can choose from 10 English text-to-speech voices to add audio to their Reels. To enhance the visual impact of text, Instagram is adding six new text options and outlines to make the text stand out.

Furthermore, Instagram is testing new ways to access the audio browser, making it easier for users to add music to their Reels. They are also introducing a streamlined view of drafts, allowing users to preview, rename, and schedule their Reels.

Lastly, Instagram is experimenting with custom stickers. Users may soon be able to create their own stickers using their own photos and videos from their camera roll or eligible content on Instagram. This exciting feature is supported the advancements in Meta’s Segment Anything AI model.

To provide users with better insights, Instagram is introducing an improved analytics feature. A new metric called “Replays” will be added under the “Plays” metric, giving users a clearer understanding of how their Reels are performing. Additionally, Instagram plans to roll out the ability to see how many people are watching a Reel moment-by-moment in the coming months.

Overall, Instagram’s latest updates to its Reels feature offer users more control, improved editing options, and enhanced engagement. With the ability to share Reels with close friends and the addition of exciting new features, users can create and consume content that aligns with their preferences and interests. So get ready to dive into a world of endless creativity and share your Reels with those who matter most!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I share my Reels with selected followers instead of all my followers?

Yes, Instagram now allows you to share your Reels exclusively with your “Close Friends” list. This way, you can choose who sees your content and keep it within a selected group.

2. How do I access this new feature?

To access the new sharing feature, simply upload a video as you normally would. Before sharing it, look for the “Audience” button and select either “Everyone” or “Close Friends” to determine who can view your Reel.

3. Can I add audio to my Reels?

Yes, Instagram provides users with various options to add audio to their Reels. They have introduced 10 English text-to-speech voices that can be used to bring audio to your videos.

4. Are there any improvements to the Reels editing experience?

Absolutely! Instagram is constantly working to enhance the Reels editing experience. You can now enjoy features like scaling, cropping, rotating clips, and undoing and redoing edits to create visually appealing Reels.

5. Can I see how many people are watching my Reels?

In the coming months, Instagram plans to roll out the ability to see the number of people watching your Reels moment-by-moment. This will provide users with more insights into how their content is being consumed and received.