An Influencer Ignites Controversy with Boastful Rant on American Airlines Flight

An Influencer Ignites Controversy with Boastful Rant on American Airlines Flight

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A video capturing a heated exchange on an American Airlines flight has gone viral, featuring influencer Morgan Osman bragging about her supposed celebrity status. During the exchange, Osman pulls a suitcase from an overhead locker and confronts a man off-camera, defending her actions. She then proceeds to berate the man and his companion, telling them to “shut the f**k up”. Osman further adds sarcastically, “Film me, I’m Instagram famous, you f**king bum.” The video was uploaded to social media platforms such as Reddit and Twitter, where it received mockery and ridicule.

Viewers were quick to challenge Osman’s claim to fame, noting that they had no prior knowledge of her. Although she had around 967,000 Instagram followers at the time of the incident, her account on the platform is currently “no longer available”. Social media users found humor in the situation, with one person quipping that they would start telling people they are “Monopoly rich” since being Instagram famous apparently holds little significance.

Morgan Osman, 35, rose to prominence after appearing on season 5 of the reality TV show “The Bad Girls Club”. However, she was reportedly removed from the show early on for breaking into the producer’s room. Osman also generated controversy claiming to have secretly dated Britney Spears’s ex-husband, Sam Asghari, shortly after they started their relationship in 2017. The influencer shared and then deleted a photo of herself kissing a man resembling Asghari, calling him out for “using Britney”.

The circumstances leading to Osman’s altercation on the plane remain unclear. However, this incident is not the first time an American Airlines passenger has made headlines for shocking behavior. Previously, Tiffany Gomas gained notoriety for an outburst in which she exclaimed, “that motherf**ker is not real”. Gomas later apologized for her actions and has since rebranded herself as a motivational mental health advocate.

As the video continues to circulate, the question remains as to how Morgan Osman will respond now that she has gained notoriety as an internet sensation.


  • Source article: Indy100