India’s Antitrust Body Appoints New Members to Oversee Cases

India’s Antitrust Body Appoints New Members to Oversee Cases

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India’s antitrust body, the Competition Commission of India, has appointed three new members to oversee cases, according to sources with direct knowledge. The new members include Anil Agrawal, a former police official who worked at India’s commerce ministry and played a role in various startup initiatives. Another appointment is Sweta Kakkad, a lawyer who previously served as the interim chief compliance officer at WhatsApp. The third appointee is Deepak Anurag, a former official from India’s Comptroller and Auditor General.

These appointments come as the Competition Commission of India aims to strengthen its team and enhance its capabilities in handling antitrust cases. The commission plays a critical role in promoting fair competition in the Indian market and addressing any anti-competitive practices businesses. With the addition of Agrawal, Kakkad, and Anurag, the commission will have a broader range of expertise and experience to investigate and address potential violations.

Anil Agrawal brings extensive experience from his time at India’s commerce ministry, where he actively worked on startup initiatives. His knowledge of the sector will be valuable in understanding the specific challenges faced startups and ensuring a level playing field. Sweta Kakkad’s background as a lawyer and her previous role as the interim chief compliance officer at WhatsApp will contribute to the commission’s efforts to address issues related to data security and privacy in the digital space. Deepak Anurag’s previous role in India’s Comptroller and Auditor General will provide insights into financial and regulatory matters.

These appointments reflect the commission’s commitment to strengthening its enforcement capabilities and addressing emerging challenges in the Indian market. With a diverse team consisting of individuals with different backgrounds and expertise, the commission is well-equipped to enforce antitrust laws effectively and promote fair competition.

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