TXT’s TikTok Content Declines in Engagement and Popularity, Concerning Fans

TXT’s TikTok Content Declines in Engagement and Popularity, Concerning Fans

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TXT, the popular K-pop group, has recently faced criticism from their fans, known as MOAs, due to the decline in interesting content and engagement on TikTok. Previously, the group gained a large following and engagement for their creative and entertaining videos. However, fans have noticed a decrease in the quality and consistency of their TikTok uploads, leading to concerns about the group’s popularity and following.

In the past, TXT was known for their funny and engaging TikTok videos, which helped them amass a large fanbase. Fans appreciated the group’s random vlogs, skits, dance challenges, and trendy content. However, there are speculations that their agency, BigHit Entertainment, now regulates and limits their TikTok content, resulting in less entertaining videos being released. This change might be a reason for the decline in their popularity and engagement on the platform.

Between 2020 and 2022, TXT’s TikTok videos were viral and reached a global audience, allowing them to gain fans rapidly. But lately, fans have observed a major decline in the entertaining quality of their content. Instead of consistently uploading videos, the group now posts content all at once, often recorded on the same day. Some fans have also expressed their dislike for certain formatted series videos, feeling that they lack the creativity of TXT’s previous content.

Fans have also noticed that the group’s TikTok videos are increasingly being used for marketing purposes, rather than providing entertaining content for their followers. This has caused TXT’s content to fall out of many viewers’ algorithms on popular social media platforms like Reels, Shorts, and TikTok.

MOAs are concerned about the group’s stagnant fame and following and have suggested that the management of their TikTok accounts be returned to the TXT members themselves. They believe that a more hands-on approach from the group would help in creating content that pleases fans and attracts a fresh audience. To address this issue, fans have been actively mass posting and tweeting to BigHit Entertainment and the group’s Twitter account, demanding better strategies and more relevant content.

In conclusion, the decline in interesting content and engagement on TikTok has raised concerns among MOAs regarding TXT’s popularity. Fans hope that the group’s management will reconsider their approach to TikTok and other social media platforms to maintain their fanbase and attract new audiences.

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