The Rise of Viral Meltdowns: A Look at Recent Incidents on Airlines

The Rise of Viral Meltdowns: A Look at Recent Incidents on Airlines

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In recent news, a video of a young woman having a heated argument on an American Airlines plane has gone viral. The 20-second clip shows the woman arguing with another passenger while removing her carry-on suitcase from the overhead compartment. Upon noticing she was being recorded, the woman defiantly shouts, “Film me! I’m Instagram famous, you f*** bum.”

The passenger, believed to be model Morgan Osman, continues the argument and becomes increasingly aggressive. Despite rumors that she was kicked off the plane, Osman claims that she made the decision to leave before the situation “turned violent.” She later denied being kicked off on her now-suspended Instagram account.

This incident is not isolated, as other instances of airport meltdowns have also gained attention. On September 10, two intoxicated sisters were filmed becoming aggressive at Newark Liberty International Airport after being told they couldn’t board a flight to Ireland. The altercation resulted in both women being dragged security officers, with one being arrested for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

In another viral clip from July, a young woman on an American Airlines flight from Dallas had a meltdown, claiming that one of the passengers wasn’t real. She then proceeded to leave the plane, causing a delay of three hours.

These incidents have sparked a debate about whether people are intentionally acting out in the hopes of going viral. Some speculate that individuals may be seeking attention and recognition behaving in extreme ways that are likely to be captured on video and shared widely.

Regardless of the motivations behind these meltdowns, they highlight the need for effective conflict resolution and airline passenger safety protocols. It is important for airlines to prioritize the safety and comfort of all passengers and to handle difficult situations with professionalism and understanding.

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