Instagram Famous Doesn’t Guarantee Special Treatment on American Airlines

Instagram Famous Doesn’t Guarantee Special Treatment on American Airlines

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A woman named Morgan Osman was recently removed from an American Airlines flight and expressed her frustration claiming to be “Instagram famous.” Osman, who had 1 million followers on Instagram, has since taken down her page, making it difficult to verify her fame. However, many people had never heard of her prior to this incident.

In a video taken during the flight, Osman can be heard using vulgar language and insulting other passengers. She later declares herself as “Instagram famous” after realizing she is being filmed. Despite her claims of fame, it is clear that being well-known on social media does not exempt one from facing consequences for inappropriate behavior.

It is important to distinguish between different levels of fame. While being an A-List celebrity often guarantees recognition from the general public, there are also levels of fame within specific communities. For example, in Washington D.C., government officials are often well-known within the city but may not be recognized elsewhere in the country.

The author of the article shares their own experience of being recognized in airport lounges due to their blog. However, they acknowledge that this level of fame is not comparable to being “Instagram famous.” Similarly, the author occasionally flies economy on American Airlines without expecting any special treatment, except for certain perks that come with their frequent flyer status.

In conclusion, Morgan Osman’s claim of being “Instagram famous” did not prevent her from being removed from the American Airlines flight. It serves as a reminder that fame on social media does not necessarily translate to real-world privileges.