Astrotalk CEO Pledges ₹100 Crore to Users if India Triumphs in ICC Men’s World Cup

Astrotalk, a popular astrology platform, has recently announced an exciting pledge for its users. Puneet Gupta, the CEO of Astrotalk, has vowed to provide ₹100 crore to users if India emerges victorious in the upcoming ICC Men’s World Cup. This remarkable initiative was unveiled on November 18, adding an extra layer of excitement to the highly anticipated tournament.

The substantial prize money will be distributed among all Astrotalk users who have registered prior to the start of the World Cup. The allocated amount received each user will be determined the total number of registrations. This unique gesture not only enhances the thrill of the tournament but also rewards Astrotalk’s loyal community.

Reflecting on his past experience, Gupta shared a personal memory of India’s win in the 2011 ODI World Cup. Recalling his college days in Chandigarh, he reminiscences the joy and excitement he felt while watching the match in an auditorium with his friends. Gupta acknowledged the significance of this new initiative, emphasizing how the support of Astrotalk users makes them more like friends, deserving of sharing his happiness.

As the World Cup final approaches, Gupta’s pledge adds an extra layer of anticipation for all cricket enthusiasts. India, led the dynamic Rohit Sharma, is set to face Australia in the final match of the 2023 World Cup. The outcome of this highly anticipated encounter will not only determine the cricketing champions but also the fortunate beneficiaries of Astrotalk’s significant financial reward.

Q: How much money has Astrotalk pledged if India wins the World Cup?
A: Astrotalk has pledged ₹100 crore to its users if India emerges victorious in the ICC Men’s World Cup.

Q: Who is eligible to receive the prize money?
A: All Astrotalk users who have registered before the start of the tournament will be eligible to receive a portion of the prize money.

Q: How will the amount each user receives be determined?
A: The amount received each user will depend on the total number of users who have registered with Astrotalk.