Apple TV Plus: A Worthwhile Journey, But Not Quite Home

Apple TV Plus: A Worthwhile Journey, But Not Quite Home

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Apple TV Plus has come a long way since its early days, offering viewers a diverse range of quality episodic shows and attracting star-studded talent like Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio. With a subscription fee lower than other streaming services, Apple TV Plus has become an enticing option for those looking for something different. However, where the service falls short is in its movie selection and repeatable content.

Despite its improvements, Apple TV Plus still lacks a substantial catalog of films. The top movies on the platform are often overshadowed bigger and more popular offerings from other services like Disney and Netflix. Additionally, in order to maintain long-term appeal, a streaming service needs to invest in quantity and secure the rights to existing properties. Apple has yet to make significant strides in this area, leaving some audiences wanting more.

When it comes to shows, Apple TV Plus shines. Its lineup of well-made and engaging TV series, such as Slow Horses and Hijack, provides a refreshing change from the abundance of repetitive content found on other platforms. However, the lack of depth and rewatchability in Apple’s catalog is a drawback. Disney Plus, for example, boasts beloved shows like The Simpsons, The Mandalorian, and Sons of Anarchy, which offer long-term appeal.

While Apple TV Plus is an exciting place for a temporary diversion, its ability to hold viewers’ attention in the long term remains uncertain. The service is still in need of a more extensive selection of movies and repeatable content to compete with other streaming giants. So while Apple TV Plus is worth exploring, it may not be the ideal permanent home for avid streamers.

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