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Clever Cat Tricks Human in Hilarious Video on Reddit

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In a hilarious video shared on Reddit, a cat demonstrates its cunning behavior tricking a human. The video captures the cat’s attempt to push a pen off a table, while the person tries to stop it. The cat pretends to give up on its plan resting its head on the table, only to proceed with its goal when the human relaxes. The video has gained popularity on the platform, accumulating over 2,600 upvotes and sparking funny reactions from viewers.

It is no secret that cats enjoy pushing objects off tables or shelves. This video sheds light on what happens when a human interferes with this activity. The clip starts with a cat lying on a table, with a pen placed in front of it. The cat casually rolls the pen on the table, while the human prepares to catch it if necessary.

However, the cat demonstrates its cleverness pretending to push the pen a few times but stopping just before it falls. It then rests its head on the table, seemingly losing interest in the game. But as soon as the human lets their guard down, the cat resumes its plan and successfully pushes the pen off the table.

Reddit users have flooded the comments section with funny reactions to the video. Some appreciated the cat’s clever timing, while others jokingly referred to it as the “superior species.” One user joked about the cat’s experimentation with gravity, while others shared their love for the feline’s behavior.

Cats are known for their mischievous nature, and this video only amplifies their playful and cunning personalities. It serves as a reminder of the entertaining and unpredictable antics that our feline companions can display.

– Original video posted on Reddit user “tommos”
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