Hulu Introduces Top 15 List of Most Popular Shows and Movies

Hulu Introduces Top 15 List of Most Popular Shows and Movies

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Hulu is following in the footsteps of Netflix introducing a list of the most popular shows and movies on its platform. The new top 15 list will be available starting today, showcasing the most-watched content from Hulu’s extensive library.

Similar to Netflix’s approach, Hulu will update its list daily between 2PM and 3PM ET. This move comes as more streaming services have begun implementing ranking systems to help users discover binge-worthy shows and movies. HBO Max, for example, recently added a top 10 row.

Hulu’s top 15 list aims to simplify the process of finding something to watch on the platform. The content featured on the list will be determined based on the total views at the episode level within a 24-hour period. Additionally, Hulu will take into account the growing popularity of shows and movies released during that time. If multiple episodes of a series are performing well, only the most popular episode will contribute to the show’s ranking.

As someone who often struggles to find something to watch on Hulu, this new list is a welcome addition. It will make navigating through the vast collection of content much more manageable. Users can now easily discover popular shows and movies without spending excessive time scrolling through the platform.

Overall, Hulu’s introduction of a top 15 list is a step towards enhancing the user experience and providing a more streamlined approach to content discovery. With other streaming services embracing similar ranking systems, users have more tools at their disposal to find entertainment that aligns with their preferences.

– Emma Roth, a news writer who covers the streaming wars, consumer tech, crypto, social media, and much more. Previously, she was a writer and editor at MUO.
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