Arizona Cardinals vs. Washington Commanders: Game Preview and Analysis

The Arizona Cardinals and Washington Commanders are set to face off in an exciting NFL matchup at FedEx Field in Landover, Maryland. The game will kick off on Sunday, September 10, 2023, at 1 p.m. ET, and will be televised on FOX.

Last season, both teams struggled with interceptions. The Commanders ranked 27th overall, with 16 interceptions throughout the season, while the Cardinals were just behind at 28th, with 17 interceptions. As the teams gear up for the new season, they will be focused on improving in this area.

Looking back at the 2022 season, Washington finished with an 8-8-1 record, while the Cardinals had a disappointing 4-13 record. However, the Commanders seem to have the upper hand in this matchup, as they are favored seven points according to experts. Additionally, Washington had a solid 8-9 record against the spread last season.

On the other hand, the Cardinals will open their season as the underdog. Last year, they had a 3-11 record when playing as the underdog. Despite these odds, both teams are determined to start the new season strong and secure a win in this matchup.

In terms of series history, Arizona and Washington have each won two out of their last four encounters. Their most recent game took place on September 20, 2020, with the Cardinals emerging victorious with a score of 30-15. However, past results will not determine the outcome of this upcoming game, as both teams will be hungry for a win.

With a spread of seven points and an over/under set at 38 points, fans can anticipate an intriguing match. The NFL odds and predictions can further guide enthusiasts in making informed decisions. It’s sure to be an exciting showdown between the Arizona Cardinals and Washington Commanders.

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– Interceptions: The act of a defensive player catching a pass intended for an offensive player, resulting in a turnover for the defense.
– Spread: The predicted point difference between the favorite and the underdog in a game.
– Over/Under: The predicted total combined score of both teams in a game.