How to Bypass Annoying Pop-ups on Reddit Mobile

How to Bypass Annoying Pop-ups on Reddit Mobile

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Reddit’s mobile platform has been a frustrating experience for users since the shutdown of third-party clients. Slow loading times, intrusive prompts, and constant notification requests have driven fans of third-party clients to find solutions to these problems. One simple workaround is to use the web version of Reddit, but even this is plagued with pop-ups pushing users to install the mobile app.

However, there are a few solutions to avoid these annoying pop-ups, especially for Apple users. A Safari extension called Sink It aims to enhance the web version of Reddit removing the relentless prompts to install the app. It also offers additional features like adaptive dark mode, color-coded comments, and double-tap to upvote. The best part is that Sink It is completely free and can be easily installed from the App Store. Once installed, users need to follow the provided instructions to set it up.

To summarize the process for Apple users:
1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
2. Scroll to and open Safari, then tap Safari Extensions.
3. Enable Sink It from the list of available extensions.
4. Continue using Reddit in your browser as you normally would, and the pop-up prompts will disappear. Sink It also provides additional features to enhance your browsing experience.

For Android users, browser extensions are not as easily supported. However, there are still a few third-party apps that work with Reddit. RedReader, a free and open-source Android app, utilizes Reddit’s accessibility exception to provide a seamless experience without ads or constant notification requests. Dystopia for Reddit is another third-party app for Apple users that still works and is less intrusive compared to the official Reddit app.

If all else fails, users have the option to download their Reddit data and discontinue using the platform altogether. This alternative has been chosen some users who prioritize their mental health over constant frustrations. However, for those not ready to completely detach, the aforementioned solutions offer a much-improved browsing experience on Reddit.

Source: Original article was sourced from Justin Pot’s article on How-To Geek.