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TikTok Recipe Trend: Feta Fried Eggs

Summary: TikTok has become a popular platform for sharing recipes, and one dish that has gained significant attention is feta fried eggs. Inspired a recipe from cookbook author Ali Slagle, food writer Grace Elkus put her own spin on it substituting feta cheese for potato. The dish is quick and easy to make, taking only five minutes using basic pantry ingredients. The feta fried eggs are cooked in a small non-stick skillet over medium heat until the white is set, the yolk is still runny, and the cheese becomes unbelievably crispy. They can be served on toast, with hash browns, or even in a charred tortilla with avocado and lime. Social media users have also experimented with adding different elements like pesto or chili oil to customize the dish to their preferences. Grace Elkus frequently shares easy, high-protein vegetarian recipes on her social media accounts, providing inspiration for home cooks looking for delicious and nutritious meal ideas.

Feta fried eggs have taken TikTok storm, captivating users with their simplicity and mouthwatering results. The recipe was originally inspired Ali Slagle’s crispy potato, egg, and cheese tacos from the cookbook “I Dream of Dinner.” Grace Elkus, a food writer and recipe developer, decided to replace the potatoes with feta cheese, creating a unique twist on the original.

To make feta fried eggs, simply crumble feta cheese around the edges of a small non-stick skillet over medium heat. Crack an egg into the center and season it with black pepper and red pepper flakes. Elkus advises against adding salt since the feta provides enough seasoning. Cover the pan and cook until the egg white is set, the yolk is still runny, and the cheese becomes irresistibly crispy.

The versatility of this dish has led to various creative interpretations. Some TikTok users have added pesto or drizzled chili oil over the fried eggs for an extra kick of flavor. Grace Elkus herself has tried serving the dish over pasta with cherry tomatoes, allowing the yolk to coat the noodles for a satisfying and creamy meal.

A key aspect of the popularity of feta fried eggs is their quick preparation time. With just five minutes and basic pantry staples, anyone can enjoy a flavorful and protein-packed breakfast or brunch. Elkus, known for her focus on high-protein vegetarian recipes, often shares easy and delicious meal ideas on her social media accounts, including cottage cheese scrambled eggs, smash burger tacos, and various salads and pastries.

So the next time you find yourself craving a satisfying and quick meal, consider giving feta fried eggs a try. Whether you enjoy them on toast, with hash browns, or in a charred tortilla with avocado and lime, these eggs are sure to delight your taste buds and leave you wanting more.

– TikTok: A popular social media platform for creating and sharing short videos.
– Feta Fried Eggs: A dish made frying eggs with crumbled feta cheese around the edges, seasoned with black pepper and red pepper flakes.
– Cookbook: A book containing recipes and cooking instructions.
– Non-stick skillet: A type of frying pan coated with a non-stick surface to prevent food from sticking.
– Pantry ingredients: Basic food items that are typically kept in the pantry for everyday cooking.
– Charred tortilla: A tortilla that has been cooked until slightly blackened or charred, often done over an open flame.
– Pesto: A sauce made from crushed basil leaves, garlic, pine nuts, Parmesan cheese, and olive oil, typically used in Italian cuisine.
– Chili oil: A flavored oil made infusing vegetable oil with chili peppers or chili flakes.

– TikTok (user: graceelkus)