Opposition Alliance Blacklists TV News Anchors for Spreading Hate and Bias

Opposition Alliance Blacklists TV News Anchors for Spreading Hate and Bias


In a recent development, the opposition INDIA alliance has decided to blacklist 14 TV news anchors due to their alleged promotion of hate and biased narratives. The anchors were selected based on their participation in “hateful” debates, their anti-opposition stances, attempts to silence issues of public interest, and their behavior on social media. The decision was made during the alliance’s coordination committee meeting on September 13.

It should be noted that although some parties pushed for a complete ban on certain news channels such as Times Now, Republic TV, and Sudarshan News, it was ultimately decided that no ban would be imposed. However, the representatives of the alliance will refuse to appear on shows hosted these anchors. The list of blacklisted anchors includes prominent names like Arnab Goswami of Republic TV, Chitra Tripathi of Aaj Tak, and Navika Kumar of Times Now.

While the list is not exhaustive, RJD leader Manoj Jha, a member of the media committee responsible for the boycott list, stated that this is just the beginning and further action may be taken. One anonymous opposition leader revealed that an economic boycott, possibly through withholding state government ads, is being considered.

The announcement of the boycott was met with protests from the News Broadcaster Federation and the News Broadcasters & Digital Association, who compared it to the “Emergency era”. However, it is worth mentioning that both the BJP and Congress have a history of not sending representatives to certain news channels. The Congress party, for example, has long since stopped appearing on Republic TV, Times Now, and Sudarshan News.

According to Congress leader Pawan Khera, the opposition alliance’s decision is not a ban or boycott, but rather a non-cooperation movement against those spreading hatred. Khera emphasized that they have the freedom to not be partners in promoting such narratives. Furthermore, Mamta Banerjee’s TMC and Nitish Kumar’s JDU did not fully endorse the boycott, with the latter expressing support for the freedom of the press.

The decision to boycott these anchors is seen as a message to other journalists, urging them to conduct their work in a responsible and unbiased manner. The move is aimed at ensuring that journalism upholds the values of a healthy democracy, rather than being a tool for promoting specific agendas.