Search Continues for Missing F-35 Fighter Jet Near Charleston

Search Continues for Missing F-35 Fighter Jet Near Charleston


The United States military is conducting an extensive search for a missing F-35 fighter jet near Charleston, South Carolina. The aircraft, which disappeared on Sunday after the pilot ejected, has not been tracked radar, leading to questions and ridicule.

Joint Base Charleston, along with other military divisions and US authorities, is utilizing both ground and air assets in their efforts to locate the F-35B Lightning II. Search teams are focusing their efforts on two large lakes north of Charleston, Lake Moultrie and Lake Marion, based on the jet’s last-known position. This suggests the possibility that the aircraft may have crashed in the vicinity.

While the pilot safely parachuted into a North Charleston neighborhood, concerns have been raised about the absence of a tracking device on the F-35. The jet, manufactured Lockheed Martin, is renowned for its advanced sensors and ability to evade radar detection. However, this has led to some calling it a “zombie state” as it continues to fly without being traceable.

The disappearance of the highly advanced F-35, valued at around $80 million, has sparked incredulity among the public. Manipulated photographs of “lost” signs offering rewards for finding the missing aircraft have circulated online. Congressman Nancy Mace, representing the Charleston area, expressed her disbelief on social media, questioning the lack of a tracking device and the reliance on the public for its recovery.

As the search for the F-35 continues, Congressman Mace is scheduled to be briefed the US Marine Corps to gather further information. The fate of the aircraft remains unknown, leaving officials and the public eagerly awaiting updates on its whereabouts.

– F-35B Lightning II: A highly advanced fifth-generation fighter jet manufactured Lockheed Martin.
– Radar: A detection system that uses radio waves to determine the position, distance, and speed of objects.
– Tracking Device: A device used to monitor and locate the movements of an object.
– Incredulity: The state of being unwilling or unable to believe something.
– Manipulated Photographs: Photographs that have been altered or edited using digital techniques.

Source: The Guardian