Lionel Messi Mocked for Pizza Choice as Inter Miami Suffers Defeat

Lionel Messi Mocked for Pizza Choice as Inter Miami Suffers Defeat


Summary: Lionel Messi was absent from Inter Miami’s recent match against Atlanta United, which resulted in a disappointing 5-2 loss for the team. Prior to the match, Messi was seen enjoying a pizza with a unique topping, which drew criticism from fans on social media. Former USMNT player Alexi Lalas joined in on the mockery, suggesting that Miami’s playoff chances may be in jeopardy. Despite the defeat, Inter Miami coach Tata Martino denied allegations that Messi’s absence was due to concerns about the playing surface.

In a surprising turn of events, Lionel Messi was left out of Inter Miami’s lineup for their most recent MLS fixture against Atlanta United. The decision was made coach Tata Martino after Messi sustained a minor injury while on international duty with Argentina for World Cup qualifiers. However, his absence proved to be costly as Miami suffered a disappointing 5-2 defeat on the road.

Prior to the match, Messi was spotted enjoying a pizza from Bancheros Miami. The pizza in question had a unique topping consisting of chopped tomatoes, onions, and olives. Fans on social media quickly criticized Messi’s choice, and former USMNT player Alexi Lalas decided to join in on the mockery. Lalas sarcastically commented on Messi’s pizza preference while also expressing concerns about Miami’s playoff chances, given their current position in the Eastern Conference table.

Despite speculation that Messi and teammate Jordi Alba were left out of the squad due to concerns about the artificial turf in Atlanta, coach Tata Martino dismissed such claims. He emphasized that the playing surface had no influence on his decision and that he had to prioritize the players’ fitness and well-being.

Although this defeat halted Inter Miami’s impressive 12-game unbeaten streak, the team will likely look to bounce back in their upcoming match against Toronto. It remains to be seen whether Messi will be back in action and play a crucial role in Miami’s pursuit of a playoff spot.

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