Jimin Shares Monochromatic Selfie with Artwork

Jimin Shares Monochromatic Selfie with Artwork

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Jimin, a member of the popular K-pop group BTS, delighted fans with a new Instagram update on September 18, 2023. The photo featured Jimin taking a selfie in front of a mirror-like art piece adorned with the words “HONEY I’M HOME.” It was revealed that the picture was taken during Jimin’s visit to the Frieze Seoul Art Fair, where he and Kim Namjoon had attended.

The art piece, titled “HONEY I’M HOME,” is part of the Air Words series created artist Wonwoo Lee. Lee’s artworks are currently being displayed at the Kiaf Seoul, and the piece aims to convey poetic texts that gracefully drift across a two-dimensional surface. Other phrases in the series include “THE SUN IS AN ORANGE,” “SATURDAY MOOD,” and “EVENING AIR.”

As soon as fans caught sight of Jimin’s Instagram update, they couldn’t contain their excitement and took to social media to express their joy. The phrase “HONEY I’M HOME” started trending on various platforms, with fans using it to refer to themselves and celebrate Jimin’s return.

Fans playfully embraced the nickname “Honey” and shared memes and messages of support. The fandom joke created a sense of camaraderie and added to the already lively online BTS community.

Jimin is a renowned South Korean singer and dancer who rose to fame as a member of BTS. In 2023, he made history with the release of his debut solo album, FACE, which reached the top of the US Billboard Hot 100. The album’s second single, “Like Crazy,” further solidified Jimin’s success on the charts, making him the highest-charting Korean solo artist at the time.

In addition to his musical achievements, Jimin delighted fans with his Instagram update, showcasing his fashion choices such as the Samsung Galaxy S23+ Phantom black model and a white t-shirt from Dior Homme. Fans were thrilled to see Jimin’s latest update, and they eagerly shared their reactions on social media.

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