Halle Berry Calls Out Drake for Unauthorized Use of Her Photo to Promote New Single

Halle Berry Calls Out Drake for Unauthorized Use of Her Photo to Promote New Single

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Halle Berry has taken to Instagram to express her frustration with Drake for using a photo of her without permission to promote his new single, “Slime You Out.” The photo in question, taken at the 2012 Kids Choice Awards where Berry was covered in green slime, was posted Drake on his Instagram with a parental advisory sticker added to make it appear as album artwork.

Berry revealed that Drake’s team had asked for her permission to use the photo, but she explicitly declined. Despite her refusal, Drake still shared the photo, ignoring her wishes. Berry expressed disappointment in Drake’s decision, questioning why he would ask for permission if he intended to do what he wanted anyway. She felt disrespected and thought less of him for disregarding her request.

The new single, “Slime You Out,” is a preview of Drake’s upcoming album, “For All the Dogs.” The song contains lyrics referencing the Kids Choice Awards and has led some to speculate about its sexual undertones. Berry expressed discomfort with this possibility, questioning the meaning behind the chosen photo.

Adding to the confusion of the situation, Berry tagged rising indie-pop singer-songwriter beabadoobee in her post. The reason for this tag remains unclear, although it could be related to a phrase in one of Beabadoobee’s songs that aligns with Berry’s message about being the bigger person.

Furthermore, Drake has decided to delay the release of his album, originally scheduled for September 22nd, to October 6th. He cited the dilemma of either canceling shows to finish the album or completing the mission and releasing it before the last show. Drake expressed his commitment to his fans and promised to make up for any missed opportunities.

In the midst of this controversy, Drake’s “It’s All A Blur Tour” will proceed as planned, with tickets available for purchase.

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