Hailey and Justin Bieber Celebrate 5th Wedding Anniversary with Romantic Instagram Posts

Hailey and Justin Bieber Celebrate 5th Wedding Anniversary with Romantic Instagram Posts

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Supermodel Hailey Bieber delighted fans with a series of stunning Instagram posts on September 15. In one photo, she donned a silky white slip dress and black boots, accessorizing with a necklace bearing the initial ‘B’ for Bieber. She also shared several other photos and videos, sporting various glamorous outfits, including a white crop top, a blue hoodie, a colorful tie-dye jacket, and a black skirt.

One of the photos featured Hailey in a leopard print bikini, while another showcased her in a silky white dress paired with a long black coat. Her Canadian husband, Justin, made appearances in two of the photos, looking dapper in a white collared shirt and a black leather jacket.

The couple also had a memorable trip to Japan, coinciding with their 5th wedding anniversary. Justin shared a set of photos on his Instagram, providing glimpses of their vacation. The pictures showcased the couple enjoying intimate moments together, such as playing video games, twinning in matching leather outfits, and relaxing on a swing set.

In honor of their anniversary, Justin expressed his love and admiration for Hailey in a heartfelt Instagram post. He described her as the most precious and beloved person in his life, expressing his excitement for their journey together. Hailey reciprocated the love in her own post, featuring sweet pictures of the couple and a celebratory cake.

The love story between Hailey and Justin began when they first met backstage at Justin’s performance on the TODAY Show in 2009. Over the years, their friendship developed, leading to an engagement in July 2018 and their marriage in September of the same year. Their love and adventures continue to grow, as they celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary and share their joy with fans through social media.

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