Man Charged in Shooting Death of 10-Year-Old Girl Appears in Court

Man Charged in Shooting Death of 10-Year-Old Girl Appears in Court

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Koran Gregory, a 19-year-old man from Southeast D.C., was arraigned in court on Tuesday for the shooting death of 10-year-old Arianna Davis on Mother’s Day. Gregory was charged with first-degree murder while armed and was denied bond.

During the hearing, more details about the shooting emerged. Police connected Gregory to the crime through surveillance footage showing him wearing a gray backpack, which was later found in his apartment. Instagram posts provided an individual interviewed the police also linked Gregory to the shooting. A face recognition system called “Morpheus” was used to confirm Gregory’s identity.

Court documents revealed that when shown a photo of himself next to a vehicle on the day of the shooting, Gregory acknowledged that it was him. When police executed a search warrant at Gregory’s home, they found three firearms, one of which was linked to the shooting through ballistics analysis.

The shooting occurred when the suspect vehicle, a black Audi Q7, stopped in the roadway where Davis and her family were traveling. Several people got out of the Audi and fired upon the people gathered in front of Hayes Street. Davis was struck a stray bullet and later died from her injuries.

The Audi was later found burned in Maryland, leading investigators to believe it was deliberately destroyed as a “consciousness of guilt.”

During the hearing, Gregory’s lawyer argued for bail, stating that he had no prior criminal record and had family ties in D.C. However, the prosecutor emphasized the gravity of the offense and the fact that Gregory went from being a graduate of D.C. schools to facing charges for the most serious offense an adult can commit.

The court proceedings shed light on the tragic shooting that took the life of a young girl and brought attention to the ongoing problem of gun violence in the area.

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