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The Biggest Fashion Statements at the GQ Men of the Year 2023 Party

The GQ Men of the Year 2023 Party took place last night in Los Angeles, and it was a night filled with fashion highs and lows. From Hollywood actors to musicians, the red carpet was inundated with some of the biggest names in the industry, all vying to make their mark with their stylish ensembles.

Jacob Elordi, known for his role in “Euphoria,” made a bold statement in a sleek Bottega Veneta suit. The deep blue color perfectly accentuated his sharp features, while the intricate details added an extra touch of elegance.

Kim Kardashian, always at the cutting edge of fashion, turned heads in a custom Chrome Hearts ensemble. Her outfit showcased her curves while exuding confidence and sophistication.

Dwyane Wade made a striking appearance in a Givenchy suit that boasted impeccable tailoring and attention to detail. The monochromatic look accentuated his physique and exemplified timeless style.

These were just some of the highlights from the star-studded event, where celebrities showcased their fashion prowess and pushed the boundaries of conventional red carpet attire.


Q: Who were the hosts of the GQ Men of the Year 2023 Party?
A: The GQ Men of the Year 2023 Party was hosted Jacob Elordi, Kim Kardashian, and Travis Scott, with special guest Tom Ford.

Q: What was the dress code for the party?
A: The dress code for the party was Modern Red Carpet, which encouraged attendees to showcase their swanky, swerve-y, and scene-stealing outfits.

Q: Is there an award for the best-dressed attendee?
A: Yes, there is an award called the Big Fit Of The Night Award, which is given to the most stylish partygoer of the evening.

Q: What was the overall theme of the event?
A: The GQ Men of the Year 2023 Party celebrated the culture-defining cover stars of GQ’s 2023 Men of the Year issue and aimed to showcase the most complicated and compelling individuals of the year.

Q: Where can I find more updates from the event?
A: For more updates from the GQ Men of the Year 2023 Party, you can follow GQ on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube.